Quality Engineering Management of 3D Printing - Research Proposal Example

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The goal of the research study "Quality Engineering Management of 3D Printing" is to ascertain the measures through which, the problems related with the 3D printing technology can be resolved and thereby provide the users with the best possible outcome from the technology.  …
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Quality Engineering Management of 3D Printing
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Download file to see previous pages The introduction of the 3D printer has been one of the most remarkable examples of technological advancements through which, the users are allowed to transform any form of digital file into a physical product of three-dimensional innovations. 3D printing is highly customizable and the users can produce their desired three-dimensional objects according to their choices. The development of 3D printing has served beneficial for various manufacturing industries, creative industries, as well as within the dimension of research and education. However, there are various challenges and problems of 3D printing technology, essential to solving in order to improve the quality of output, which will be discussed in the research study. 3D printing has contributed much to the industrial sectors and individuals with its technology through which, a digital file can easily be converted into a three dimensional object. However, there are certain problems encountered when implementing the technology that is negatively affecting the users to obtain a desired and reliable outcome. 3D printing is used almost in every manufacturing industry such as automobiles, apparels, aircraft and firearms among others.Moreover, the technology has also contributed much in the film industries for adding various special effects to creations, especially when developing animated movies. The problems in the technology of 3D printing will negatively influence the output produced by these industries that will ultimately affect the performance of the industries. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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