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The Internet of Things is a concept in computing that describes the future impact of the internet in embracing all aspects of physical objects, extending to human lives too. The Internet of Things is also referred to as the internet of objects. The Internet of Things concept is…
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Detailed explanations of the IOT (internet of things) and implications technology
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Download file to see previous pages This will be made possible through the increased connectivity between the physical items and the virtual world (Mattern & Floerkemeier, 2010).
The Internet of Things is not created by a single novel technology. However, it is made up of a variety of technical developments that create the capacity to bridge the existing gap between virtual and physical world. The capacities that would be created include communication and cooperation, addressability, identification, sensing, actuation, embedded information processing, localization and user interfaces (Mattern & Floerkemeier, 2010). The objects through communication and cooperation would have the capabilities to network between each other as well as with the internet sources, and to update their state using data and services. In addressability, the objects have the capacity to be remotely configured and interrogated through effective location and address through discovery.
The physical objects will also be uniquely identified. The optically readable bar codes and the Near Field Communication are just a few of the technologies that incapacitate passive objects that lack inbuilt energy resources to be identifiable. With sensing, the objects will be or are equipped with sensors enabling them to collect data, record and interpret it accordingly then forward or reacts to it. They also have actuators for environment manipulation. They have microcontrollers, processors, in addition to storage capacities. By localization, the objects are conscious of their physical locations or better still can be located. With the user interfaces, the objects are able to effectively communicate with people in appropriate and relevant manner.
The concept is premised on the trends witnessed towards the end of the 20th century, where there exist gradual advances in communication and information technology, as well as in microelectronics. These changes ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Detailed Explanations of the IOT (internet of Things) and Implications Essay.
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