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System Implementation - Essay Example

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The following essay under the title "System Implementation" is focused on the computer science techniques meant to develop a system. As the author of the text puts it, the principle of the economy of the mechanism must be taken into consideration when implementing any system. …
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System Implementation
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Extract of sample "System Implementation"

Download file to see previous pages All the different types of users have limited privileges for their data as well as other users’ data. For example, the customer can only view but cannot insert, delete, or update their information. Consequently, that makes our system more secure.
The principle involved designing very simple web pages for all the users. These simple pages view served the security features that were used. For example, the page shows three choices for them that are accessing their data, or customer data or transaction data. That occurs if the user is an employee. If the user selects their information, the page displays a table with the user’s information only. However, the pages that are designed to look for the customer contains two input fields to search for the client based on their id or first name. For instance, if the Employee wants to look for their customer’s information. In this situation, we applied the feature of a prepared statement and variable binding in Java JDBC component in order to avoid any vulnerability in our project.
The system also applied this principle. There were no standard mechanisms for our users that will cause extreme effects. Every user has his mechanism, privilege, and flow. The Manager works differently from the employee or the customer. Moreover, we created users in the database for each category. Thus, the user who uses the database as manager1 is different from manager2.
The concept is taken care in the attack phase. We exposed the system designs and security mechanisms to other teams. That helped us a lot because it is better to know about the System’s weaknesses and vulnerabilities from friends before the attackers. In this situation, we can fix and update the missing points and errors quickly. Further, we don’t need to batch after the attacker misusing. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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