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Security Design - Essay Example

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In comparison with other locations and other networks nearby, it is ranked to be the strongest in terms of security. The firm is opting to relocate to a more secure system than the one it is using currently. Due to…
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Security Design
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Download file to see previous pages identified were an inappropriate use of emails in the communication of sensitive business information, the connection of public data, and confidential business information to the same physical network. Improper storing of private data that were only to be found on the servers by the end users and transmission some sensitive business information between servers and clients.
For the proper communications of these findings, some policies were formed up by WWTC in the areas. These plans comprised of internet connectivity that was to be separated by the network, classified system; this ensures physical security to prevent any unauthorized access to the detailed information. The other policy introduced was a wide area network. The system made sure that any data that cross wide area network link has to undergo a protection section such as the virtual private network (Berger, 2012).
Public servers was another policy initiated, this ensured that configuration of all public servers using Hypertext transfer protocol system connections and acceptance of all valid requests and pass them through the firewall. Site-to-site virtual private network tunnels were also among the policies that were put in place through the findings enabling mutual authentication and protection to all provided devices (Bansal, 2015). WWTC ended the plans with user education whereby they created awareness and training programs on threats and good security practices.
Recommendations gave some deliverables on the general approach that the project may take. Among the recommendations pointed out were The protection of valuable assets of the company, determination of general architecture of the organization and development of a list of specific policies that could be applied and along with the rationale. Specific details must be written. Selection of the 12 relevant procedures for the addition in the Security Policy Document has to be reviewed in the written policies (Bansal, 2015). Attacks were classified ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Security Design Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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