Impact of Internet of things (IOT) on society - Research Paper Example

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Internet of things refers to when objects, people or animals are provided with the exclusive identifiers and capacity to transfer information over a network minus requiring human to human or human to computer interaction(Chaouchi, 2013). This is also the network of physical…
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Impact of Internet of things (IOT) on society
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Download file to see previous pages This a risk that the study of the IoT has prioritize on the technical artefacts and has neglected the social aspects part of the technical system and information infrastructure.
Mukhopadhyyay (2014)discussed that to developing through leadership in the marketplace, is the idea behind the initiative of the internet of things. The use IOT has led to integration in that knowledge and skills are integrated in order to create value and impact industry in the society. He also explains that IoT appears to have moved objects from the physical world to a virtual one, internet of things features create a sort of virtual continuum among physical objects and their representation on internet as well as their environment.
The complexity is one factor that is not pointed or noted out in the research papers by Mukhopadhyyay and Matos respectively. It is an important factor to study and control when working on IOT. Because the behavior of any particular node has to be considered in order to determine its potential impact on the whole system. With IOT data is generated, analyzed, aggregated and transformed into information and the data is distributed to the users, which actually requires a wide distribution processor that has the capability and seamless connectivity.
As a result of major system crashes, the internet of things leads to increasingly large scale with highly coupled technological system that can actually remove human intervention in order to increase reliability and also to increase the potential for societal vulnerability(Slevin, 2010).
The IoT inevitably leads to redesign of work process as organizations responsibilities are changed on the control and the accountability and later redistributed. The improvement of performs of the operation can be investigated specifically in the domain of supply chain management where the benefits perceived are reduction in manual error and in improved stock control and management (Ning, 2013).
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