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The following paper “Ethical Issues in the Use of Information Technology” describes ethical issues and their relationship to the use of information technology the paper delves trends as well as impacts of the ethics of individuals and organizations…
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Ethical Issues in the Use of Information Technology
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Download file to see previous pages Privacy is an issue that has both external as well as internal implications. Keeping in mind that all organizations often collect their employee’s data, data that is not safeguarded properly can lead to various implications to an individual. Such information includes background data, compensation, and personal identification data such as account identifiers and social security numbers. This type of information is maintained as well as accessed by authorized personnel. Systems that are used in tracking sensitive information are secured, though at some point data must be used in other systems. To ensure that information is secured, operational procedures and policies are used to handle data, in case these policies and procedures are not properly enforced, they can be accessed by unauthorized personnel and can be used to commit crimes.
All Employees activities, as well as the use of technologies, are monitored by their organizations. Thus, employees are notified that when they are using organizational assets, they should not expect any privacy; such corporate assets include network and internet access. Even without such disclaimers, there is no need to notify that they are being monitored (Mason, 2006). This issue of control in terms of monitoring all the activities of the employees in an organization can lead to various implications to an individual as well as the organization. For instance, in cases where an organization monitors all the activities of its employees, the monitors can end up violating the privacy of its employees keeping in mind that they may access all the private communications of the employees.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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