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Believe and Culture Build Awareness - Research Paper Example

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The advancements being witnessed in terms of information and technology are making it possible for people to easily find information about people, news,…
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Believe and Culture Build Awareness
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Download file to see previous pages However, despite this seemingly important trend, many other security concerns are also emerging, which threatens the effective use of these technologies (Erickson 2008). This paper examines some of the challenges being associated with the process of establishing firm security systems in individual and corporate information systems.
According to Scambray & McClure (2001), hacking can be described as the unauthorized entry into a person’s information database online. In the need for creating and using technology as a leveraging point for organizational effectiveness, individuals and organisations have developed websites and other online databases where they develop and store their confidential information. In this regard, the information is supposed to be kept away from the reach of unauthorized persons.
In order to ensure that this information is secured safely, it is often expected that one uses effective and reliable passwords among other important approaches that can ensure that this information is safely secured (Scambray & McClure 2001). Additionally, the process of hosting these websites is supposed to be done on secure networks, which ensure that hackers and other malicious attackers do not gain entry into these information systems.
Just like in normal aspects of life, intruding into someone’s physical space without his/her permission or context amounts to security threat. Culturally, it is important that one seeks permission before entry into a house or an office, in the same way, hacking can be seen to be violating the cultural ties that concern respect for one’s space and freedom.
In all societies across the world, good mannerism involves several subsets including observing and respecting people’s physical space among others. In the same way, the development of online systems like websites and social sites is supposed to incorporate this important security concern. Across the world, many issues have so far been raised about the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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