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Google glass - Essay Example

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Google Glass is a technology that was developed by Google with a joint mission of coming up with a massive market ubiquitous computer. The glass is a perfect…
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Google glass
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Download file to see previous pages In addition, new applications and updates to the operating system that were not available during the time of the launch make today’s Google Glass explorer edition a tempting thing to acquire and buy (Furlan, 2013).
Google glass was made up by a facility within Google that is dedicated towards the direction of advancing the technology that cycle within the organization like the driverless cars. The facility that developed the technology is known as Google X. Google glass has been designed to be slimmer and smaller compared to the displays that have been circulated to the market by the company previously (Campesato, 2014).
The prototype of the glass looked very similar to the standard eyeglasses with its lens being replaced by a heads-up display. In 2011, the company came up with a prototype of the Google glass that weighed around 3,600grams that was made to be lighter than the average sunglasses later in 2013. The explorer edition of the glass was produced and made available to the company’s I/O developers in the US for a price of 1,500 dollars (Furlan, 2013).
There developed a partnership between Google and some Italian eyewear companies so that they could be provided with additional designs of glass frames. The Nepal Government in 2014 adopted Google glass in a move to bring solutions to the problem of poaching in the countrys national parks and reserves. The glass has also been used by the Gurkha military in tracking animals and birds in the forest that geared the latest development in the military venture (Campesato, 2014).
Google glass is made up of flexible titanium headband that tends to remain durable as it stretches from one ear to the ear. The flexible band is combined with a covering that is made of plastic that covers the Glass’ major gears and it gives it a general clean outlook. Google glass is made up of a cube-shaped glass prism that is located just above the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Google Glass Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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