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Cyber crime Laws and The Financial analysis applications Use In Saudi Arabia - Essay Example

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Laws and with moral ethics can lead to a peaceful as well as a free world with no annoyance. Legislation is the key to structuring a safe society and makes the state an appropriate place for living as well as linking with the…
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Cyber crime Laws and The Financial analysis applications Use In Saudi Arabia
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Download file to see previous pages The Holy Quran did not assert the penalties and laws for computer crimes; however, it tackles public sanctions like theft, adultery, murder and other sanctions. Thus, an Anti-Crime act exists to fight cyber crimes ("Cybercrime and the Law: An Islamic View," n.d.). It also establishes the level of every crime and the resultant harm. For instance (stealing from bank accounts and stealing of the personal videos or pictures from computer) they are under the theft law but there are diverse effects of everyone, so the penalty of every one of them has to be unlike.
In all other countries, the laws of the age of children must be less than 18 but Saudi Arabia has 15 members of the Shoura Council who suggests that the age to be less than 15. According to research, 20% of the children in Saudi Arabia are exposed to pornography crime each year. A number of websites availed pornography and scratch the Islamic principles, are blocked as directed by Saudi Arabia Internet Services ( Cyber Terrorism crime is classified under the distribution of corruption. Research concerning computer crime along with computer ethics is same (Wild, 2011). The aptitude of writing on computer ethics with related areas to make a detailed perceptive of inequalities that surround the field of information technology is greatly affected by types of technological liberalism and determinism.
Computer crimes happen in many diverse forms, ranging from child pornography to cyber stalking. Cyber stalking is stalking behavior done by means of some feature of information technologies. The ever rising internet use by criminals has led a rush of legislation along with other interests. Regrettably, in spite of a number of high-profile instances reported both on the Internet and in print media, the topic is yet to be given systematic investigation against a suitable theoretical structure. Such a theoretical ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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