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Detecting Jamming Attacks - Case Study Example

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This causes jamming attacks that interfere with the internet reception and sharing of data. Jamming attacks occur when a device is…
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Detecting Jamming Attacks
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Download file to see previous pages As a result, the first measure towards avoiding jamming attacks is the detection of modes used by jammers to stifle operations by applying mechanisms that enable a user to handle the situation.
The jamming attackers normally hinder the signal reception by preventing a real server from conveying information or by avoiding the function to genuine packets. Considering this, the various models adopted by jammers is the constant discharge of radio signals, the introduction of a regular package to the channel without any breaks between ensuing packet broadcast and alternation between inactivity and jamming (Xu, et al, 2005). This implies that a jammer will continually send radio signals to interact with data submissions, causing delays in the systems. The introduction of a regular package to the channel is detrimental because it activates a system to a default mode that does not portray the current activity (Xu, 2007). For instance, if a node can be set to remain in the receive style regardless of whether it is sending or not doing so.
The alternation between inactivity and jamming is that the system is automatically set to be inactive and resume operations after a certain time (Xu, et al, 2005). This makes the system to be in the attacker’s default mode or experience delays. Another jamming mode is the employment of a reactive strategy in which the jammer does nothing when the channel is idle and assumes operation upon the detection of signals. A receptive jammer targets the response of a message to execute the attack.
Although most jammers use varied models for their missions, users should always monitor their wireless for possible attacks. This implies that they need to install necessary detection mechanisms that enhance the safety of their devices. The first detection measurement is checking the signal strength to determine the presence of unusual scenarios in the system. This employs gathered ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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