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Robotics Ethics and Issues Associated With the Wide Application of Robot Technologies - Research Paper Example

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This paper analyses the robotic systems in modern technologies. For instance, some of the robots are designed to give care for babies. Author of the article also emphasizes the fact that such technologies are always used to give care to people from the other age range…
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Robotics Ethics and Issues Associated With the Wide Application of Robot Technologies
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Extract of sample "Robotics Ethics and Issues Associated With the Wide Application of Robot Technologies"

Download file to see previous pages Furthermore, children care is the main obligation of the parents; they should be involved in the upbringing of children. We can suggest cases when parents cannot give care to their children, but now people can leave their children with their relatives or close people. And people’s care is more effective than any other version of care.  And old people also should get people’s care even in the world when all young people are busy. Robots can serve as toys to entertain them or to just give them the ability to spend time with fun, however, old people should use some attention, conversations, and other types of interpersonal activity with close people (Sharkey, 2012).
However there is one good application of robots, one can maintain the camera on the robot and it can lead young children as they remain at home to have control over the children. However, in such case, we deal with much older children. Likewise, robots for seniors can be used to get information about the old people, their health indicators and to remind them to take some medicines and other things, which are substantial for their good well-being. But robots will never substitute human’s interaction, as they cannot provide substantial communication, they cannot support conversation and console when old people have some aches, or just to tell something good when older people need that. And furthermore, robots cannot give people understanding that they are needed and that they get attention from their close people. All these things are very important for older people and it definitely prolongs their life.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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