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Gear Smartwatch - Features, challenges, and Vulnerability - Research Paper Example

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Additionally, the vulnerability issues with Gear smart watch will also be evaluated.
Samsung Galaxy Gear is a smartly designed, smart watch…
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Gear Smartwatch - Features, challenges, and Vulnerability
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Download file to see previous pages It uses technique of sophisticated processing in order to find solutions of various sophisticated tasks just by using this small watch. Additionally, the feature of voice memos were also build in Gear smart watch, through a built-in speaker, that enables the owner to even answer the calls just by using their wrist and operate the gadget via voice commands. Additionally, it was a full-color work with the platform of Android sized in the fashion of an old calculator watch. Correspondingly, it runs the application, which was developed by Samsung as well as the third-party partners. During the year 2014 company replaced the Gear operating system with Tizen (Brewis, 2014).
Gear was not able to withstand the expectation of the user and the security side of Gear with high confidentiality in term of exchanging the data Smartphone due to the issue of vulnerability. The most obvious reason of vulnerability issue in the gadget was due to its feature of typical ‘companion gadget’, which is worthless without the Smartphone as it has to be connected via Bluetooth. The people who turned up for the Gear will be likely to experience the features of Smartphone messaging, Personal Information Manager (PIM) and other apps just in the wrist. Correspondingly, in the current scenario the smart watch only works with the help of Samsungs Note Smartphone, the Note 3. With the help of Gear smart watch wireless communication can only be possible through using the Bluetooth connectivity feature, which led to risk of unauthorized uses. Moreover, the major issue with this device is related to its security and misuse of the various applications. With the growing advancement in the technology hacker are able to track the pitfall of the device very easily through finding the various vulnerabilities and utilize them in order to extract the information of the users, along with they can also utilize the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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