Memo to CIO on Success Criteria for Enterprise System Implementation - Case Study Example

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This paper focuses on the memo to CIO on success criteria for Enterprise System Implementation. The entire company should have a centralized access point that can be used by the management to carry out several administration duties that may involve physical appearance at any branch…
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Memo to CIO on Success Criteria for Enterprise System Implementation
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Download file to see previous pages The modern design may be contrived in power ranges up to 800 horsepower. Due to Environmental trends globally, demand for the new generator and motor designs have been on the rise.
The company has also opened up other branches which see the need to have all of its system synchronized into one system that can make it easier for the management to consolidate most of its CRM centrally at one point.
Teamwork and composition are vital in the entire CRM life cycle. The CRM team should comprise of the best individuals from the company (Brown, and Vessey, 1999). Coming up with a cross-functional team is also necessary. The team should consist of knowledgeable consultants and some internal staff such the internal staff may develop the needed technical skills required for design and implementation.
The support of top management is required in the entire implementation process. The project must have a valid approval from the top management and align with critical business goals (Buckhout Frey and Nemec, 1999). This may be achieved through tying the management bonuses to the success of the project. Managers are supposed to legitimize new objectives and goals. A joint vision of the company and the function of the new CRM application and structure should be communicated directly to the employees. New structures, responsibilities, and roles of the company should be adopted. Policies should be put by top management to form modern systems in the company.
There should be a clearly outlined business plan and a vision in order to steer the direction of CRM implementation. This business plan should clearly define the intended tangible and strategic merits, costs, Timeline, risk, and resources. This will assist in evaluating the extent to which the implementation process has gone and the benefits of the CRM (Callaway, 2000). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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