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Despite this, the designers of the system sometimes depict a number of graphic interpersonal violence especially to the children of varying ages. For example, in both the video games of Black…
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Download file to see previous pages According to the U.S Supreme Court, the video games provide various conflicting situations and conditions to a number of children globally (Totilo, 2010). This also affects their parentage ability as parents are also influenced in this video gaming system. There are many cases involving video games especially in U.S Supreme Court where the offenders claim that video games affects their children upbringing and also leads to violence among them (Totilo, 2010). For example, in mid June the year 2011, the U.S Supreme Court wanted to ban the sale of various video games. However, the first amendment procedures stop them from doing so and later the California Supreme Court decided to ban some violent video games that were considered destructive to children.
There are various video game designers in the country including the Nintendo toy games company that was founded in 1889 (Anderson, & Sakamoto, 2008). The firm developed their first video game in 1979 including the first portable video game for children that was designed later in 1980 (Totilo, 2010). The designers of these video games should and must be forced to take the responsibility of various depictions of violent and interpersonal conflicts especially on children of various age groups. The court should properly analyze the effects of video games on children and come out with the best strategy to control this violent act among the children (Anderson, & Sakamoto, 2008).
Video games have been available in the global entertainment industry for around thirty years (Totilo, 2011). The recent video games mostly involve the players emotional as well as physically feelings and this makes them have profound impact on children (Totilo, 2010). Currently, around eighty percent of children in the U.S play video games daily and this promote the sales of video games globally (Totilo, 2011). One of major positive impact that video games have on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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