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Usability can be considered to be a quality measurement approach that refers to satisfaction, efficiency and effectiveness of performing a task with help of a tool by user. The most integral part of system development process is evaluating software usability. There are various…
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Download file to see previous pages Usability needs to be assessed on the basis of three important factors- semantics, features and operations. Semantics denotes that a particular software or tool can be considered to possess high usability if its entire approach is user friendly in nature. In relation to features usability is judged on the basis of absence or presence of certain elements in user interface. The other important component is operations and this helps in evaluating affective and performance levels of certain tasks (Usability First, 2011). Software usability needs to be analyzed from both ends that are from view point of users as well as experts. This would help in determining the overall scenario in terms of effectiveness and efficiency of software or a program. Verification and validation process in normally conducted in the final phase of software implementation. The documentation that is prepared by HCI experts comprise of various elements that defines relevant instructions associated with the software (User Interface Design and Usability, 2009). There are different assessment criteria’s for different software tools on the basis of their programming and objective. However end users are a key component in the entire evaluation process. HCI experts are involved in selecting tools and methods that would help in determining loopholes present in the software. There are two major techniques that are incorporated by users in evaluation process that are early life cycle techniques and late life cycle techniques. The early life cycle technique can be regarded as heuristic evaluation which helps to identify usability issues before implementation phase. These issues are the resolved and implemented in the iterative design process. On the other hand late life cycle technique is applied after the software implementation process has been completed (Nielsen, 2011). This technique is usually in the form of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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433Mod4Case Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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