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Incorporating Audio-Visual Technology - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Audio-visual technology is a technology involving applications and equipment that deal with sight and sound. The equipment that is used include microphones, still and video cameras, tape recorders, amplifiers, speakers, audio mixers among others. …
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Incorporating Audio-Visual Technology
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Download file to see previous pages Audio-visual technology is a technology involving applications and equipment that deal with sight and sound. The equipments that are used include microphones, still and video cameras, tape recorders, amplifiers, speakers, audio mixers among others. The audio-visual technology can be applied in various sectors or events such as webcasting, web conferencing, teleconferencing and audio or video conferencing. Web conference involves meeting with online done through combining the phone with the web. Audio is captured and conveyed through the phone or via VoIP. Video is captured by the use of desktop video camera (Lever-Duffy and Jean 25). Web conferencing is suitable in small, collaborative meetings where the participants can easily communicate with one another. It can be essential in a group of students sharing a common discussion where each student should have cell phones, which can access internet. The students can even share charts and diagrams by using their cell phone.
The audience considerations depend on location and size. Location is where the audience is concentrated. When using or viewing the desktop sharing feature, java-based PC software is used in various web conferencing tools. Web conferencing involves small collaborative meetings of five to ten people mainly when sharing a document. One of the limitations with web conferences is having a limited number of members who can only be supported at once. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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