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Digital Firm - Assignment Example

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A Digital firm is a business entity that uses technology to enhance its relationship with the major suppliers, employees, customers, and other major external partners. Various technological platforms eminent in the organization support the digital networks, which facilitates…
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Digital Firm
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Download file to see previous pages core purpose of the technological platforms in the digital firm involves the integration and exchange of information within the organization’s major key players.
In the global scale, changes in working location, business agility and automation of business processes have led to the reconfiguration of the working culture within an organization and hence the proliferation of digital firms. The evolving trend in information and communication technology have devalued the need of an established location such as an office and instead advocated for direct contact with employees, suppliers and customers for effective business undertakings. The electronic collaboration and online teamwork have enabled digital firms to carryout international projects, which were extremely expensive and time consuming in the traditional fixed locations. Such stances enable employees and other key players to work from their convenient locations using telecommunication channels.
The use of technology has enabled the contemporary digital firms to acquire the necessary expertise to conduct their business regardless of their business size. The notion is compounded by the fact that cheap telecommunication channels are easily accessible. The traditional big organization were considered less agile as compared to the small firms but using technology the big firms are able to act small in order to reap maximum benefits.
The digital firm makes use of information systems to carry out its activity, which lead to the automation of all the business processes. In order to enhance the automation of business processes, digital firms engages in the reengineering of working processes and procedures before a new technological infrastructure is introduced. In a digital firm, the required efficiency is attained through redefining, redesigning and refining workflow within the various structures of the organization.
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