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Comparison and Contrast between life before internet and after internet - Essay Example

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This essay describes compare and contrast the life of people before internet with the life of people after internet. Internet has played a huge role in transforming both communication and computing systems. Internet is typical to be a mechanism of disseminating varied range of information…
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Comparison and Contrast between life before internet and after internet
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Download file to see previous pages Likewise, telephonic messages that actually came into existence before internet helped people in conveying messages from one place to other regardless of geographical location. This particular fact provides evidence that life of people before and after internet has been quite similar in relation to the messaging system. This is because the system of exchanging messages through text messages and mails tends to be quite similar. Internet has resulted in changing peoples’ life pattern, however, the rudimentary social pattern of life has remained the same irrespective of the changes induced by internet. It has been revealed that the communication system of youngsters have persisted to be the same i.e. most of them use the conventional means of social interaction wherein internet is executed like a telephone.Therefore, it can be affirmed that the life of people before internet and after internet has remained the same in relation to their social interaction process and psychological well-being. In fact, internet has created a platform for enhancing the traditional interaction process along with evolving relationships amid individuals in the society. Thus, the social and psychological paradigms of peoples’ life have been quite similar before and after the initiation of internet. On the contrary, there has been a huge difference in the life of people before internet and after internet. People in order to entertain themselves used to devote more time to watching television or through other means such as visiting parks. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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