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Problems and Opportunities created by having too much data, and what to do about them - Essay Example

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In a wide variety of application areas, data is gathered at a tremendous scale. Decisions that were initially based on pain staking constructed models of reality or guesswork can now be made based on the data itself. Currently almost every…
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Problems and Opportunities created by having too much data, and what to do about them
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Extract of sample "Problems and Opportunities created by having too much data, and what to do about them"

Download file to see previous pages This in itself presents possible profits and disadvantages to the handling of large data.
Big Data has the ability to revolutionize not just education, but also research. Imagine a world where people have easy access to a large database that has all the necessary aspects that can be needed in a student’s academic performance. This information can be used to plan the most effective designs of education, starting from writing, reading, and math, to progress college-level, courses. It is believed widely that the usage of Big Data in information technology can help lessen the health care costs while improving its quality by making care more personalized, proactive and basing it on more extensive continuous monitoring that are home based. Through such implementations, the U.S. government yearly estimates a saving of 300 million dollars.
In addition, there have been persuasive cases made for the contribution of Big Data, for instance in urban planning through high-fidelity fusion of geographical data, intelligent transportation through visualization and analysis of detailed and live road network data. Environmental modeling and mart materials occur through the new genome materials initiative. Financial systematic risk analysis occurs through integrated analysis of a contracting web to find dependence between homeland security and financial entities. Computational social sciences is a new methodology fast growing in popularity because of the lowered cost of attaining data and computer security mainly through analysis of events and logged information largely known as (SIEM) Security Information and Event Management. All these application have proved to be beneficial in a large scale (Davenport & Dyche, 2013).
While, the potential benefits of Big Data are real and significant, there still remain many challenges that are related to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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