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Monitoring and Controlling Project Deliverables - Essay Example

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It is the job of a company to store important information concerning transactions made, number of employees, and other managerial secrecy…
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Monitoring and Controlling Project Deliverables
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Download file to see previous pages There are many differences between physical security, and information security. Information security is concept that entangles most aspects of the society, majorly because of the ubiquitous adoption of computing technology in the modern world. In our daily lives, we use computers at work place for our employers, play on computers in homes, study online, do business, and check emails, and so on. The level of development in the modern world has greatly improved especially with the increased rate of innovation, and growing technology. Everyone in the modern world is impressed at how the level of technology is increasing so fast because they benefit from it in very many different ways (Matford & Whitman, 2012).
Owing to the fact that most people have the urge to make things easier in the modern world, everyone is turning towards the direction of Information technology because online seems to be the future of everyone, and everything. The web is viewed as the future of most activities in the world today since currently it serves as a very useful tool even though it also has some intimidating proposition. Although technology enables more productivity and allows access to much information, it also carries a lot of security issues. Employers preserve information about their companies, employees, and other important documents on the computer systems. Banks also store vital information on money transaction between them, and other clients.
One of the most common challenges in the modern technology world is hacking, and piracy. When someone hacks information about a company, then this leaves the company in danger of either breaking down or losing credibility from the public that it serves because this interferes with its reputation, and competitors can take advantage of this situation. Employers can lose millions of dollars, and suffer damage of reputation, face legal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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