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How to Make Almost Anything - Essay Example

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The article ‘How to Make Almost Anything’ is an elaborate guide to the technological changes in the recent times focusing on the field of digital fabrication and its implications. Technology has played a main part in the evolution of the world. The revolution in technology…
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How to Make Almost Anything
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Download file to see previous pages ‘Digital fabrication will allow individuals to design and produce tangible objects on demand, wherever and whenever they need them.’ (Gershenfeld, 2012) In the past manufacturing and construction were run on manually procedures, which were then substituted with machines and other tool. However, when these machines were replaced by the digital technology the numerically controlled tools transformed the way of doing business.
The additive manufacturing is another enhancement of the digital fabrication that turns data into things and things into data. It has made it possible to make two elements e.g. bearing and axle at the same time that was not possible through the traditional manufacturing processes and tools. The 3D printer is one of the examples of this technique used by many companies to create complex products and designs. The digital fabrication came in stages with the first generation being made available to the researchers with reasonable pricing. The second and more advanced generation of digital fabrication products are now in the market that are more expensive with freely shared plans and modifications.
In order to demonstrate the usability of the digital fabrication products ‘fab labs (fabrication labs or fabulous lab)’ were created with different digital fabrication tools at a net worth of $50,000. These tools included the 3-D printers, computer-controlled lasers, milling components, components of moulding and casting arts etc. These labs showcased the usability of digital fabrication to the world. Also these fab labs provided to be parts of the continuing revolution for e.g. the fabrication lab in Manchester is taking an active part in the new industrial revolution.
Digital fabrication is all about having the computer-controlled tools to custom design your product in a faster and more efficient manner. The article gives many examples that show that digital fabrication is a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How to Make Almost Anything Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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