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Current Issues for Strategic Information Systems Report - Coursework Example

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Current Issues for Strategic Information Systems Report Name Date Table of Contents Executive Summary Strategic information systems play a significant role in the business development because they allow the business organizations to change their strategies according to changing business environment…
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Current Issues for Strategic Information Systems Report
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Extract of sample "Current Issues for Strategic Information Systems Report"

Download file to see previous pages Thus, in the absence of a strategic information system an organization cannot imagine the proper working, superior performance and greater credibility. This report discusses some of the current issues for strategic information systems in the context of a specific organization. For this report, I have chosen Greens Lime Mouldings (GLM) business. This report will present an overview of their strategic information system, its operational performance and possible issues regarding better corporate support and will also specify an improved IS/IM based strategy for business management. 1. Introduction A Strategic Information System (SIS) is an information system that allows the organizations to alter or otherwise update their business structure and/or strategy. Basically, the strategic information systems are aimed at streamlining and increasing the response time to varying or changing environmental aspects and helping it in gaining a competitive edge over other business organizations. ...
In addition, the strategic information systems also allow the business organizations to establish and implement the data collection policies to support the database in optimizing marketing opportunities. Finally, synchronized information systems that are aimed at maintaining a quick response and the quality indicators. The basic purpose of implementing an SIS is to gain a competitive edge over other business organization through its participation to the organization’s tactical objectives and offering a capability to considerably improve the efficiency and performance of an organization. In addition, many researchers believe that an SIS helps business organizations gain a competitive edge and to help very much at the cost of those that cause to undergo competitive drawback (Hemmatfar et al., 2010; Rogerson & Fidler, 1994). This report discusses the use of strategic information systems in the context of a specific organization ‘Greens Lime Mouldings (GLM)’ that is a manufacturing company which produces a wide variety of small plastic products. In addition, they produce both their own standard range of plastic products which they supply to retailers, and limited production of plastic items designed on the basis of a customer’s specification. At the present, the organization desires to improve its business structure in order to improve the business performance and efficiency. In this scenario their basic goal is to implement a strategic information and management system. Raynor Bow has recently joined the management team to run the warehouse and has introduced a warehouse system resulting in greater competence in this side of the business. Business Managing Director Bob Green desires to invest more in GLM for the foreseeable future of business. They have ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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