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1. This attachment in page 48 – 50 on appendixes 2 and 3 offers an inventory of teacher’s beliefs about learning a language. The appendix has same survey prospects, but some answers tend to contradict. For instance, in Appendix 3 the study indicates that everyone can…
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Assignment 3
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Download file to see previous pages On contrary, another statement states that, “ESL students can understand the basic grammar rules of language only if they are able to create a lot of new sentences”.
Qs.2 knowledge is a true opinion comprising of a rational explanation or definition, and it is also a real belief or a sensation. However, belief is the inner state of mind that is directly accessible to the introspection that relates to human behavior. Belief always plays a central role in the theoretical reasoning and involves a practical reasoning. For instance, in pdf.1, in appendix 3, an example of belief is a statement that states, ‘some people tend to have the ability to learn foreign language’.
For a person to have knowledge there must exist a sense of truth, justification, and belief, on a basis of believing in them. For example, a knowledge is evident in this article, whereby the truth remains that ‘English is a foreign language to the non-natives’.
Qs.3. Teacher’s beliefs play vital roles towards student’s reaction, acceptance, and theories that concern language. Teachers were also once students thus their understanding about teaching often reflects on to students on how they also learn a language. The beliefs also portray a clear picture in expressing the realities that may influence classroom practices. The teacher’s view shows that, it is their role to offer a part in playing and interaction with the native speakers.
in chapter 9, the word ‘smoothly running’ a classroom is used. According to me the word means a proper class or the one that is in order. Similarly, goal of the lesson and a means by which goal is achieved is the main distinguishing factor of a language. Teachers have a number of concerns. They usually plan the activities designed for facilitating learners in the use and acquisition of language. According to Doyle (396) an orderly course is the one within acceptable ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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