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Recruitment, Selection, and Deployment of Human Resources - Case Study Example

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This paper under the title "Recruitment, Selection, and Deployment of Human Resources" focuses on the fact that the central problem in Plant C was that employees were undermotivated. They performed poorly even though most of them had excellent academic credentials.  …
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Recruitment, Selection, and Deployment of Human Resources
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Extract of sample "Recruitment, Selection, and Deployment of Human Resources"

Download file to see previous pages Immediately, Hutton should cascade a memo acknowledging the management’s shortcomings about what is expected from their employees, analyzing why the employees’ expectations were different from the actual work. This will prevent employee attrition and further degradation of employee performance. 
Second, Hutton should conduct a job review in addition to performance review and check where the gaps lie between what is communicated to the employees and the actual work. Identifying those gaps will help the management to implement remedial measures in closing the gap between job expectation and job reality.
Lastly, communication should be improved on all levels. The problem is a symptom of a communication problem and management should cultivate it. Encourage feedback from the employees instead of being threatened by it.
The old human resource formula of Kanata which made it a successful company is no longer applicable to the new market reality of globalization and increased competition. The symptoms present such as not meeting the desired number of minorities in the workforce, increasing demand for unionization, etch, is an indication for Kanata to adapt to the new market reality. These tendencies of Kana’s workforce makes the organization less competitive in the market.
The current human resource practices of Kanata is rigid and prone to internal conflict. While the norm in human resource now is work flexibility, Kanata sticks to the old fixed schedule. The relative higher salary of grocery department compared to Super K and 24-7 is susceptible to internal professional jealousy that could undermine productivity. Also, the company lags in terms of hiring part-time employees which could help the company cope with the increased competition by being efficient in its labour cost. In general, its workforce is not abreast with the needs of the new market.
There are three alternatives being considered by the company. First is internet marketing, second is expanding abroad and lastly, the expansion of the convenience stores and pastry division.      ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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