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What extent has Facebook embraced diversity in its recruitment policy - Research Proposal Example

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The basic motive of the essay "What extent has Facebook embraced diversity in its recruitment policy" is to determine the perception of Facebook employees on whether the organization had embraced diversity and to develop recommendations on what Facebook can do to expand its diversity initiatives…
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What extent has Facebook embraced diversity in its recruitment policy
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"What extent has Facebook embraced diversity in its recruitment policy"

Download file to see previous pages Many organizations have acknowledged the importance of embracing heterogeneity in the workplace. In the past, numerous organizations compelled employees to correspond to established organizational culture and abandon one’s diverse attitudes and traditions. According to Brecher’s (2012, p. 24) research, organizations that embraced diversity had a tremendous potential for promoting organizational success. For this reason, the new goal for many organizations is to manage diversity and strive to empower employees to develop their various talents effectively. Scholars have been ardent to highlight that encompassing diversity elevates the level of efficiency and innovation in an organization. Many organizations are endeavoring to register a remarkable innovative capacity.
It is impossible for organizations to achieve this without bringing on board individuals with varying talents.
Companies are looking for employees with diverse perspectives concerning different issues with the primary objective of having a team that can develop numerous alternative solutions. According to Chrobot-Mason and Abramovich (2013, p. 664), the new focus for every organization is on the strengths that each employee can bring to the business. Unlike in the past, companies do not exclude individuals based on their differences. Alcocer’s (2014, p. 205) assertions concerning diversity have helped businesses realize that the differences in any organization may help the company gain a competitive advantage. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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What Extent Has Facebook Embraced Diversity in Its Recruitment Policy Research Proposal.
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