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The system which will be promoting organization’s behavior, work outcome and roles in order to achieve strategic objectives should be organized in respect to the organization’s structure. The system should be aligned in respect to each level of the organization to monitor…
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Week 4 #1
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Performance Evaluation System Performance Evaluation System The system which will be promoting organization’s behavior, work outcome and roles in order to achieve strategic objectives should be organized in respect to the organization’s structure. The system should be aligned in respect to each level of the organization to monitor workers progress (John, 2012). In my organization, the system used works appropriately, and this will be effective when used in any organization. The management of objective program used in my organization helps in determining whether the employees work with an objective of meeting the set objectives (Jenkins and Coens, 2010). The management by objective (MBO) program is a system which monitors and evaluates the performance of individual within an organization while promoting behaviors, work outcome and roles. The assessment of individual performance will be assessed by getting details of each individual. A questionnaire will be issued to individuals to respond on questions regarding product delivery, product quality, and organization’s key objectives and operating efficiency. The questionnaire will be in form of worksheet in which all employees are assessed and determine whether they deliver their job effectively. Employee satisfaction will also be measured. MBO is an effective mean of measuring and assessing employee performance and it will be effective when used in an organization. Walmart uses MBO and it is a good mean of evaluation employee performance (Kreitner, 2008).
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Week 4 #1 Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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