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Human Resource Management Analysis Questions on Movie "Office Space" (1999) - Essay Example

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It is evident from his morning shrieking alarm, the over-jammed traffic, the faulty office printer machine, the silent and faulty office to his fully squeezed workstation. Additionally, his boss and among…
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Human Resource Management Analysis Questions on Movie "Office Space" (1999)
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Download file to see previous pages Instead of the company investigating their problems, it hires consultants Bob Porter and Bob Slydell to downsize its workforce.
Tom Smykowski among other employees like Samir, Milton and others, suffer humiliations, indignities and now the downsizing threat. The HR could have undertaken a job evaluation or performance assessment so to determine the source of employees’ fatigue, their lack of motivation so as to improve their efficiency. Employee engagement is vital since it improves employee’s enthusiasm in the workplace (Dgj 2015).
Lawrence withdrawal is illegal and unethical because it downgrades the work ethics. Since he was a displeased employee, he could have reached out to the HR and laid out his grievances for a mutual consultation. The work ethics stipulate the relevant procedures and channels of raising job grievances. He could also have utilized the Ombudsman or Labor Union for interventions (Dgj 2015).
The consultants, Bobs; could have been the last resort of solving the inefficiency issues. The company suffers dysfunctional organizational culture and lack of effective employee development measures. The management employs autocratic leadership leading to disengagement of the employees (Dgj 2015). It also lacks employee development strategies to enhance their capabilities and motivational levels.
Under the Contract Law, the company could sue Peter for Breach of Contract and lack of Due Diligence. Peter having signed the Contract of Employment at inception was bound to uphold the Company’s terms and condition of service which trickled to Breach of Contract. His absenteeism and work misbehaviors contributed to lack of care and conscientiousness which he could face lack of Due Diligence (Dgj 2015).
The consultants abused their work ethics in a big way. First of all, they applauded Peter Gibbons misbehaviors like absconding work, coming late and neglecting the company’s dress code. Additionally, Milton relocation to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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