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Performance Appraisal - Assignment Example

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Performance appraisal has been described as a formal interaction between an employee and a manager, aimed at assessing and discussing performance in detail (Seiden & Sowa, 2011). For performance appraisal to be formalized and regularized, organizations use different forms of…
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Performance Appraisal
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Download file to see previous pages 360-degree feedback is a more qualitative instrument involving the profiling of employees through interviews and other interactive procedures.
Even though each type of performance appraisal instrument may be used for different reasons and in order to achieve different purposes, there are some specific components that run through almost all these instruments. According to Kondrasuk (2011), the extent to which HR managers are able to apply these components to each instrument determines how effective a given instrument would be. The first component is that all appraisal instruments are objective based. What this means is that the instruments are designed with very specific objectives set for employees to attain. Without the objectives, it will be difficult to measure the real performance outcome of employees (Bol, 2011). Secondly, the instruments are linked to the larger organizational goal, meaning that they are set to ensure that employees accomplish the overall goals of the organization. Lastly, the instruments are performance improvement related, ensuring that they critique employees towards making them more viable (Kondrasuk, 2011).
Using the rating scale performance appraisal instrument as an example, it would be said that the component that is most necessary for employee motivation is the fact that the instrument is performance improvement related. The reason for this assertion is that when employees are appraised with the purpose of making them better workers; they get motivated, knowing that the appraisal is in place to develop their professional competence. This is to say that employees refuse to see the appraisal as a means to sabotage them but to discover the best from them. Luckily, the fact that the rating scale is quantitative in nature means that it is possible to easily determine areas where employees require more training and assistance to become as productive as the organization require of them ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Performance Appraisal Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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