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Evaluation of Agency's personnel administration - Essay Example

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These units are designated functions that ensure the organization achieves its objectives. However, the various departments need coordination to ensure smooth flow of work…
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Evaluation of Agency's personnel administration
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"Evaluation of Agency's personnel administration"

Download file to see previous pages Furthermore, they provide for training of labor and instill the organizations values in them so that they can conform to the requirements of the organization both within and outside environment (Leigh & Blakely, 2013). The urban planning human resource also ensures staffs awards are assured while offer punishment to those who break the policy. Therefore, the underlined factors above makes the human resource be a stronger department. Nonetheless, the committee also finds it hard to find the right personnel that provide a perfect fit for the organization.
The agency is also thriving to reach the international standards of personnel management such as the level required by the United Nations labor management. This includes actions and not limited to utility theory approach. But incase the personnel department becomes inefficient, the agency outsources to provide for technical assistance (Buller, & McEvoy, 2012). It ensures that their employees are well managed, and the human resource acquires extra skills on how to deal with the staffs. As a result, global standards are maintained that makes the agency one of the best performing in the industry.
The human resource department of the urban planning is tasked with hiring the right employees for the organization. The recruitment process begins by the department advertising the available opportunities that the qualified candidates will send the application to. They then review the applications and determine the best candidates who are then taken for interviews to determine their suitability (Breaugh, 2014). In doing so, they have to conduct a background check on the applicants since the personnel must be of integrity before they can be hired. The final component is the hiring criteria. The selected candidates are notified and provided with the employment contract letters. In the process, they are expected to provide to undergo medical tests to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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