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Hiring a New Bartender - Essay Example

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A simple mistake made when hiring a worker by the human resource department can cost a business huge sums of money in terms of losses. Successful…
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Hiring a New Bartender
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Download file to see previous pages ch as determining the need for recruiting, conducting a job analysis, writing a job description and specification for the candidate, fixing the appropriate salary, deciding how and where to find the prospective employees and interviewing them ("The Interview Process: Selecting the right person” par. 2). Mr. Peter Luger has the task of hiring a new bartender. There are four applicants for consideration and as such, he will have to scrutinize every person’s skill and level of qualification before making his choice.
John is twenty-five years of age; therefore, he is mature enough to handle the pressures of having to work with the presumably aged people who visit the bar. Since the bar has been in existence for ten years, Luger wouldn’t want to tamper with the reputation that he has already built. At twenty-five, John is neither too old to handle the job nor too youthful to mishandle the patrons of the bar. The fact that he is a college graduate implies that he has the required academic qualifications for the job at hand. John is also experienced in the restaurant business; therefore, there should be no problem on his side handling the clients’ food. Serving alcohol represents a new challenge for the man but since he is an adventurous person, selling alcohol would offer no difficulties for him. Mr. Luger’s sports bar and grill closes late in the night and as such, it is necessary for the bartender to be willing to comply with the owner’s wishes. John has his own means of transportation; therefore, Luger should have no problem convincing the bartender to leave the bar late at night.
The only point of John’s undoing is his temper. High tempered individuals may not be the best persons to hire in a position that requires tolerance such as that of being a bartender. It is common knowledge that drunken people are bound to behave arrogantly and sometimes abusively, therefore, this might not bode well for John. Should John lose his temper while handling some of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Hiring a New Bartender Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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