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Theory-to-Practice Paper - Essay Example

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The internship experience is based on the work environment at the Art Shanty Project. The project involves non-profit operations, and I am working in it as…
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Theory-to-Practice Paper
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Download file to see previous pages The project is very successful, because the staffs continuously strive towards achieving goals. The organization effectively applies the motivation techniques and also the motivation theories. The motivation techniques that enhance the performance of the workers include; job design, rewards, employee participation, and good quality of work life. The motivation theory that is effectively applied at the project’s work environment is the Herzberg’s motivation theories.
One of the key internship objective involved understanding how the motivational techniques and theories is applicable at the work place. Art Shanty Project has adopted appropriate measures to improve performance, career advancement, and loyalty of the employees. One key technique is job design. The organization has adequately embraced job simplification, through the adoption of modern and superior technology at during production processes. The technical staffs are only required to key in instructions in the computerized system, and the production process will proceed automatically. The organization also gives appropriate rewards to the employees who succeed at the workplace. The intrinsic and extrinsic rewards increased staff morale and loyalty. The extrinsic rewards offered to high achieving staffs of the organization include compliments and financial bonus depending on profitability levels. Intrinsic rewards applicable at the project involve autonomy. The key staffs in management, marketing and innovation are given the opportunity to formulate their decisions and implement them (Hackman 451).
The project values staff participation at the work place. Participation is effective due to the adoption of the quality control circles. The circles involve a team of employees who work together to address work related challenges like minimizing costs, improving production processes, and improve quality. The quality control circles also involve the students on internship and thus they are able to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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