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The influence of cultural disversity on employees workplace performance in transnational corporations in algeria - Essay Example

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A multicultural society or organization is the one that should learn to not only to recognize but also to encourage people from a variety of backgrounds to work together towards achieving its goals and objectives (Newman & Nollen, 2010,P.17) .It is important for any organization…
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The influence of cultural disversity on employees workplace performance in transnational corporations in algeria
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Extract of sample "The influence of cultural disversity on employees workplace performance in transnational corporations in algeria"

Download file to see previous pages issues are considered to be very important and are expected to be even more important in the near future due to the increasing differences in the Algerian population. Companies should put their focus on diversity and look for ways to become totally inclusive organizations since diversity has got the potential to yield greater productivity and competitive advantages (Shachaf, 2012, P.32)
Given the significant transformations in cultural diversity over the past half-century in Algeria, Both the academia and the media have developed more interest in a better understanding of the social and economic impacts of cultural diversity, ethnicity and multiculturalism in organizations (Watson, Kumar & Michaelsen,2013,P.23). There has been enough research to establish facts on how cultural diversity can improve the performance and productivity of the employees as opposed to a homogeneous cultural workforce, thus this research contributes to the existing body knowledge. This research seeks to find out the possible benefits that come with cultural diversity in an organization and how they can contribute positively influence employees workplace performance (Cox & Blake, 2004, P.32).Managing and valuing diversity is a vital component in effective management of employees and can improve workplace productivity (Newman & Nollen 2013)
To achieve this objective, I plan to use interviews as my as my data collection tools .I will use both structured and unstructured type of interviews. Bogdan & Biklen (2013) says that the use of interviews as research tools is based on the knowledge that is being generated between two parties often experienced through a well-focused conversation. Interviews are done to allow both the interviewer and interviewee to exchange information on certain phenomenal issues and then give personal perspective interpretations.
The interviews will be conducted using a sample of five of the senior managers of the organizations including the human resource managers ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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