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Pg 1 is teen pregnancy- pg2 is family law and pg 3 is intevention verse prevention - Essay Example

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Biologically, a girl may get pregnant after reaching puberty. Puberty may be reached between the ages of 12 and 13. Teenage pregnancy is described as pregnancy and child delivery for a girl below the age…
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Pg 1 is teen pregnancy- pg2 is family law and pg 3 is intevention verse prevention
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Download file to see previous pages The causes if teenage pregnancy can be derived from both social, cultural and economic factors. Teenage pregnancy is more prevalent in areas where people have a low economic income. This is influenced by lack of support to take part in more constructive ideas and activities. In areas where the economy in a community is low lack of social support and guidance in teenagers is relatively low (Rhode 72). This hinder provision of good advice on puberty and safe sex. Cultural factors are based on communities that provide environments that provide for comfort to factors that influence teenage pregnancy. For instance, some communities may allow for underage marriage.
There are dire effects of teenage pregnancy. Firstly, both the life of the mother and child are at high risk. Rhode asserts that conception for underage girls is dangerous since their bodies are not effectively developed to handle pregnancies (51). In addition, their bodies are prone to pregnancy related complication for both the child and the mother.
Family law is a form of law that deals with domestic relations and family matters (Herring 6). The legal fields is created in specific regards to the family setting as a social factor. The laws provide for regulations aimed at maintaining the social and legal requirements of the family settings. The legal provisions also govern the domestic behavior of family members citing requirements and responsibilities for all family members. However, family law has no general jurisdictions. Jurisdictions differ based on the legal provision as mostly influenced by social factors and preferences. Regardless of the differences provisions of family have a main objective of ensuring the required definition of the family or domestic related factors are maintained.
Family law mainly covers areas on domestic partnerships and marriages, issues relating to children and their affairs and paternity issues. Domestic ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Pg 1 Is Teen Pregnancy- Pg2 Is Family Law and Pg 3 Is Intevention Essay.
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