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The Career Aspirations of Michele Terry - Case Study Example

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In the following assignment, the general concepts of the human resource management would be revealed. Moreover, the writer will investigate a particular case study of a group leader. The case study entails the career aspirations of Michele Terry…
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The Career Aspirations of Michele Terry
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"The Career Aspirations of Michele Terry"

Download file to see previous pages Last year, after discussions with her family and bank officer, Michele dropped the ambition of being the Executive Vice President. This led her to carefully reflect on her reasons for being a senior bank officer. These reasons are; money, status, and ability to develop financial policies that favor the community. This is the reason she decided to attend training on community reinvestment. The training enabled her to chair the new market development taskforce. She also used her experience to mentor young bank managers on career issues. The new work responsibilities have enabled Michele to effectively handle family matters. Her work motivation and satisfaction has also improved, as illustrated through her increasingly positive performance appraisal (Collings & Wood, 2009).
The analysis of Michele’s work illustrates poor remuneration. This is because one of her reasons for the promotion if to get more monetary benefits. Her job design is appropriate; she has the opportunity of hiring new management staffs at the bank. The bank has a training and development program. Michele had the opportunity of improving her competencies through attending the community reinvestment training. Compensation and rewards are offered according to seniority at the company. The executive officers at the bank get the most competitive remuneration package (Conaty & Ram, 2011). The bank implements appropriate performance management measure. This is through the regular performance appraisal sessions. After the community reinvestment training, she received positive performance appraisals. The bank values positive employee relations. Michele illustrates the relations through guiding and counseling junior staffs, who eventually get promoted.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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