Communication in the workplace - Case Study Example

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Communication usually plays a significant role in workplace as it helps to convey information from one employee to another. Organizational communication can be…
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Communication in the workplace
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Download file to see previous pages Communication can be defined as information transfer to receiver from sender under the condition of transmitted message being thoroughly understood by receiver. Business communication can be internal or external but in this study internal organizational communication shall be highlighted. Communication is ever changing and dynamic. It can be categorized into transmission of verbal and non-verbal messages. Trade union is representatives of employees and they should be able to effectively communicate their issues to management.
Bad communication between top management and trade union in Maestro Fits has resulted into workplace conflict. The issue started off in 15th November when management had taken decision to close internal restaurant. 30th November had been decided as the closing date. However trade union president sent a letter to top management on 28th requesting shift in the date. The reason behind this was three employees were working there on a part-time basis. Top management replied that trade union would be given responsibility of structuring a business plan for the new restaurant and forming a new worker’s group. Since business plan was not developed by trade union so worker’s group proposed an idea of donating 2 convertible marks by employees per day. A voting poll was organized by trade union where 325 employees supported the donation idea, 188 were against it and 186 employees did not cast any vote. The results were then forwarded to working group stating that trade union shall not insist restaurant formation due to less than 50% of employees in favor of the idea (Ferrante, 2010). On the other hand, top management already had taken decision regarding decrease in employee’s salaries. This decision came into existence on 10th December 2013. The major reason behind this was lack of financial support due to no new business contracts. Trade union strictly opposed this decision.
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Communication in the Workplace Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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