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Employment Law-Conflict Management in Organizations in paticular countries - Essay Example

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There are only a small fraction of offices or places where conflict and disputes do not arise. As such, conflict resolution/ management is a vital element at the workplace. This requires…
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Employment Law-Conflict Management in Organizations in paticular countries
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Download file to see previous pages Thus, conflict management strategies at the workplace aid to create a healthy and productive work environment. In light of this, the paper will evaluate and analyse conflict management strategies in Australia, China, the United Kingdom, Japan and New Zealand.
Primarily, avoidance, litigation, negotiation, mediation, conciliation and arbitration are the major dispute resolution methods globally. Further, mediation, negotiation, conciliation and arbitration are all grouped under alternative dispute resolution methods (ADR). These methods aim to ensure and advance equity (justice and fairness), efficiency (effective utilisation of limited resources) and participation/inclusion in decision making at the workplace. On the other hand, there are basically two types of conflicts; collective and individual conflicts.
In the United Kingdom, there is a drastic decrease in collective action. Therefore, strike actions and use of unions is on the decline. Collective conciliation has for more than 100 years been part and parcel of the workplace/industrial relations setting. However, its application in dispute resolution between employers and groups of employers in the United Kingdom has been on the decline. Its popularity has been affected by an increasing experience of employee representatives and Human Resource, the current nature of trade unions and the statutory employment framework-the main players in collective conciliation (Colquitt, Jet al. 2001). Consequently, there has been a rise in an individualistic approach to conflict resolution. Individualism unlike collectivism which places more value on the group, places more significance on the individual’s interests. Therefore, individual arbitration is becoming more embraced in the United Kingdom than in the past where collectivism was a more preferable approach. Also, human resource managers in organisations presently tend to solve most individual conflicts at the workplace in the United Kingdom (Tinsley, C. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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