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Training and Development Participant sheet - Research Proposal Example

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I would like to invite you to the research about training and development which mainly will focus on The Gulf Petrochemical International Company (Gibaldi, 2009). The main aim of conducting the research will be to determine what training initiatives have the gulf petrochemical…
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Training and Development Participant sheet
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Download file to see previous pages ch in the company is to bring out the most important aspects in training and development in the human resource management in Gulf Petrochemical International Company (Gibaldi, 2009). The main purpose of the research is to bring out the various aspects that go around the training of the employees in the organization (Bax, 1998).
The participants have been chosen in a way that they are the ones who will be required to go through the past training programs that the company has had over time (McLaughlin, 2009). The people that have been chosen are those that are able to understand the different ideologies that the people in the company have and to bring the different development aspects. The age used in the study also are those that are able to identify the weaknesses in the training program and the abilities in improving the company.
Taking part in the following research is voluntary and the people who will be appointed to do the research are expected to sign that they are able to take well the research and do it in a way that will bring out the information that is required well (Yin, 1994). The voluntariness in the research should not prevent the people doing the research from assisting in the understanding the training process of the company further.
When one will not be able to attend the research, the time that will be needed to come out with the desired results will be long (Booth and Colomb, 1995). The information that may be collected when one participant is not able to attend the research also may be adequate since some of the areas in the company may not be able to be covered. The researchers also will be needed to attend the research more often than when there was more of the participants taking part in the action.
The participants are guaranteed some expenses that they will need in the course of the exercise. The expenses such as those on travel will be covered (Polachek, 20011). Since the activity is voluntary, there will also be rewards to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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