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Staffing Technologies in Chern's Company - Case Study Example

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The reporter states that every successful organization’s human resources department has an objective of efficiently and effectively utilizing their employees’ abilities. The current trends in this aspect involve the use of different technologies in managing human resources…
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Staffing Technologies in Cherns Company
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"Staffing Technologies in Chern's Company"

Download file to see previous pages This paper will give recommendations on how to improve Chern’s staffing systems and later give some reflections on the entire Chern’s case study.
Chern should employ additional technologies in order to ensure that human resource management personnel concentrate on the essential and critical tasks only. The organization should consider utilizing such technologies in the entire human resources management process (Philips & Gully, 2009). Chern can use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), automated employee training system and a human resource information system.
The three above will basically automated various human resource management functions and bring in efficiency and save time. The ATS is a system mainly used for recruiting purposes and it can handle the entire hiring process depending on its level of sophistication. An ATS will be used to post online vacancy advertisements, screen candidates for the required qualifications and perform online interviews with shortlisted candidates. The different scores for the different candidates can then be put on a dashboard for easier and quicker decision making (Philips & Gully, 2009). An ATS will make hiring easier and will make it possible for Chern to interview as many candidates as possible and increase chances of hiring the best and talented candidate for any position (Philips & Gully, 2009).
The employee training system is application or system that is used to induct new employees into their roles as well as monitor their performance. This system is commonly referred to as learning management system can be used to develop employees’ skills and competencies by facilitating training. This system can be a great asset to Chern as it will determine the training needs of individual candidates, recommend training materials and generate a training schedule for the new staffs (Schuler &Jackson, 2008).
Chern should also adopt a human resource information system that will assist the human resource manager in performance evaluation as well as carrying out some tasks such as payroll production and determining hours worked daily. This system can be used as a decision-making tool in planning for promotions and successions. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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