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These range from the management staff to the employees. They include top management, immediate superior, peers, subordinates, the individual, and…
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360-Degree Appraisals at GE
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Download file to see previous pages There is grouping of workers into nine teams making it necessary to assign everyone a different role. The teams should each have a leader, for easier management. An all rounded appraisal will be useful in this plant because it gives room for peer review, which is very efficient because they are aware of each other’s performance. In an all rounded kind of assessment, employees get to know their general performance and hence have a chance to grow. Self-appraisal also gives the employee room for self-development. Hence, if the appraisal is applicable in the plant, it may lead to the growth of the employees; therefore the overall performance will be better (Kokemuller, 2010).
Despite all the advantages of an all rounded appraisal, there are still cons to this method of evaluating employee performance. Sometimes the feedback from fellow employees may not be genuine because of friendships and popularity. The fellows may favor one because they like him. A 360-degree evaluation also lacks consistency as others may view each differently. It therefore results in feedback that is not an accurate representation of how an employee performs (Kokemuller, 2010).
Setting of the performance dimensions will be according to the different areas of duty of each. It would be unfair to set general parameters for evaluation, since people may lack experience and skill in one area, but be excellent in another. Evaluating people on different dimensions creates diversity and gives a genuine interpretation of the ability of the staff. The particular content of the 360-degree appraisal form will be from the essential information of an employee such as name, organization, department, position, and year. Secondly, the content will come from skills and behavior of the employee, like time management, communication skills, and creativity. Finally, content will also come from activities not related to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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