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Identify the major issues affecting the individual in the two chapters in terms of No pity by Joseph Shapiro - Assignment Example

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In this chapter, the people which disability are agitated about the high rate of discrimination against persons who are physically disabled as the buildings were highly inaccessible. They do not have appropriate housing. As a result, “The Independent Living Movement” was…
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Identify the major issues affecting the individual in the two chapters in terms of No pity by Joseph Shapiro
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Download file to see previous pages This group started a formal program in the dormitory in order to offer rehabilitation services to the disabled persons in 1968. The group gained much strength when the counselor evicted two persons for low grades and his action attracted protests from both disabled and able-bodied students forcing him to resign. Their power expanded from the university to the city where they demanded for the city to cut curb on disabled people. Through the movement, the disabled students got a grant of $81,000 that helped them get accessible apartments with personal attendants.
Regulation of section 504 was written by the secretaries of Welfare, Education and Health after a 25-days protest. However, this would costs a lot of funds which were unavailable at the time. This is because building and operating independent living centers would have been very expensive. As such, states were awarded the money to operate the centers with a condition to keep out of political activism. In 1980s and 1990s, students who were graduating from high school were empowered and equipped with a sense of independent living.
There has been a series of activism since them with physically disabled persons seeking to gain more independence. One major plausible achievement can be traced to a landmark decision made by the United States Supreme Court which give disabled persons and their families to make decisions on their choice of residence as opposed to regulations that were imposed by the federal government. In the case of Olmstead v. L. C., the court ruled that disabled persons can choose to live in a facility or be de-institutionalized and move into the community. The local, state and federal governments were challenges to make more accessible facilities and services in order to reduce the challenges disabled people face in the community.
In this chapter, the deaf students are agitated due to discrimination in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Identify the Major Issues Affecting the Individual in the Two Chapters Assignment.
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