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Investigative summary - Essay Example

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The application of such theories can differ across organizations however, to a large degree, these theories have shown to be relevant to many organizational settings. Leadership is an important aspect…
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Investigative summary
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"Investigative summary"

Download file to see previous pages In many organizations, the development level of subordinates is taken quite seriously and is considered to be an indicator of need for guidance. Depending on this, the leader may carry out a diverse set of roles including providing coaching, supporting, and so on. The leadership of any organization has a great impact on not only his followers but also in the way the whole organization functions. The change is visible in the whole organization and indeed leaders play a huge role in the transition.
According to the theory of situational leadership, the organizational context is quite important because it provides the drivers for the implementation of a specific leadership style. There are many other factors relating to leadership that impact the organization. This is the management structure, hierarchy and the level of power possessed by each top manager. In an earlier paper, Hersey, Blanchard, and Natemeyer (1979) have highlighted this relationship between power and leadership by relating to the different leadership styles, and situational leadership. Generally, leadership is a significant factor contributing towards organizational success through greater employee motivation and productivity. Situational leadership model is based on the premise that leadership is subject to the situation in which case the approach is molded so as to address the situation at hand.
Leadership also affects employee motivation. Present organizations look to enhance employee motivation because it directly affects organizational performance and success. This is a key concept in human resource management. The current trend in the business environment is very competitive which means that organizations have to work hard in order to motivate its employees and retain talented employees. This is why employees introduce compensation programs so as to keep their employees satisfied and motivated about the job. At the same time, organizations also focus on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Investigative Summary Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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