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Human Resource Management 323/ #3 - Assignment Example

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Bob Barnetson’s book, entitled The Political Economy of Workplace Injury in Canada, paints a vivid picture of how the entire Canadian system remains biased against the needs of the worker and focused on continuing a system that has proven to be highly lucrative for…
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Human Resource Management 323/Assignment#3
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"Human Resource Management 323/ #3"

Download file to see previous pages Firstly and most importantly, the author indicates that the ultimate culpability for the high level of injuries that is prevalent within the Canadian economic system, not to mention the overall number of worker deaths, directly lies with the government. This is something of a surprising claim; at least with respect to the understanding that it is ultimately not the government that employs these workers – but the private sector. However, delving more deeply into Barnetson’s claim, the reader begins to understand that the system is not serving the needs of the individual hurt for deceased worker; instead, it is serving the corporate interests of large multinationals and domestic firms that provide for a very large share of Canadian revenue and tax basis. Naturally, such an understanding encourages the reader to recognize the potential for corruption and abuse of power as it exists within the Canadian workforce and within upper levels of the Canadian government.
Although it would be relatively easy and cost-effective for the government to engage in effective injury prevention efforts, it does not. Instead, the author indicates that the government only intervenes when necessary as a means of maintaining a national standard for affecting a positive level of legitimacy within the market. This faulty system is one that does not look out for the individual worker; instead, it seeks to maximize his own utility and has little concern for the overall efficacy of workers compensation and/or attempting to leverage unique and viable solutions for reducing the overall injury and death rate associated with so many industries and economic endeavors within the economy of Canada. Knowing full well that many employers utilize dangerous work environments as a means of maximizing profitability, the system itself seeks to turn a blind eye to this in favor of maintaining the status quo (Kelloway & Francis, 2011).
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