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This study will begin with the statement that as part of the organizational competitive strategy to improve customer’s satisfaction, the human resource department of Hotel Paris should come up with a better strategy that embraces modern training techniques and skills exploration.  …
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Hotel Paris Training Program
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Download file to see previous pages It is clear from the discussion that the CFO team should come up with an integrated information technology training system that offers a comprehensive interactive platform to employees at different departments within the organization. As such, it would provide an important potentiality and diversity for every employee to offer assistance at every department whenever there is a need (253). Since the recruitment of employees is not a guarantee to a direct performance, it is vital for Lisa and Hotel Paris training department to design an appropriate training program. Such a program will enable new recruits to understand the organization in a broader sense right from the history to mission and visions of the future. Moreover, the organization should align the training strategies towards achieving the organizational goals and objectives. Therefore, it will be very easy to distinguish employee’s behavior right from the time a person joins the institution and determine the worth for the progressiveness of an organizational achievement (224). From the study, it can be resolved that Lisa and the CFO did not carry out proper investigation ascertaining why there existed a fall in Hotel Paris Training program. For instance, Hotel training department only spends a fraction of training duration as compared to the other companies. The CFO simply went ahead and recommended for the development of a separate training program that lacked a consultative approach towards achieving the competitive advantage of Hotel Paris. The organizational training advisory team should have considered conducting a different training need analysis to identify what employees need to fill up job vacancies. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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