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Effective Leadership and Potential Obstacles - Assignment Example

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The reporter states that leaders are expected to show exceptional qualities. These are the qualities that differentiate them from other people. Anybody has the potential to become a leader it just takes time to gain the necessary attributes that a leader needs to lead others…
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Effective Leadership and Potential Obstacles
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"Effective Leadership and Potential Obstacles"

Download file to see previous pages Leaders should be social people (extroverts) and not timid. Since people listen to us, they should focus on the positive rather than the negative. It is also important to differentiate leader`s official duties from his personal life. It is very easy to attack and destroy the reputation of a leader so it is imperative that a leader shy away from situations and individuals who wish to do just that.
Self-awareness plays an integral part in each of our lives since it simply makes us aware of whom we are as well as our traits, character, feelings and our desires. Any person with any ambition to become a leader should first identify all these attributes. David Keirsey and Richard L. Daft are the most renowned scholars in the field of effective leadership. They state that every person has four kinds of temperaments, and each of them differs from person to person. They include diplomatic, strategic, logistical and tactical (Keirsey & Marilyn, 20). According to David Keirsey, an individual tends to identify with one temperament and then ranks the rest in second, third and fourth in that order (Keirsey & Marilyn, 1984). As we leaders, I should be able to influence other people into embracing diverse cultures and also influence public opinion.
I will gauge my payoff by the number of conflicts I determine as well as how well I do my job without any complaints from my subordinates. As a leader, I am prone to encounter many obstacles along the way from individuals who do not appreciate my leadership roles to those who seek to assume leadership. As a leader, I mostly identify with the diplomatic temperament. This is because I deal with lots of conflicts, and it is my job to come up with solutions to quell these conflicts. If I was to list, how I identify with my temperaments, diplomatic comes first followed by logistical, strategic then tactical. As a leader, I need to improve my feelings and my desires because I tend to become biased when it comes to some very delicate issues such as discrimination. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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