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Evaluation of the effectiveness of the performance appraisal system at the bank - Research Proposal Example

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In banking sector, appraising the input of every employee is critical to ensuring effective service delivery as well as organization growth and sustenance. The administrative decisions made by the management considerably depend on the information gathered about the employees…
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Evaluation of the effectiveness of the performance appraisal system at the bank
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Extract of sample "Evaluation of the effectiveness of the performance appraisal system at the bank"

Download file to see previous pages 89). Because of this, measuring the input of the employees using informal judgment is not only difficult, but also susceptible to errors. In addition, the early system of appraisal exposed supervisors to corruptible practices such as making biased recommendations. The organization is incapable of tapping desirable talents using ineffective appraisal system. A good appraisal system should enable the organization to track the activities of the employees and allow them to account for their input in the organization. This research explores the performance appraisal system used in the bank, its authenticity, weakness, and strength.
Effective human resource management is pivotal to organizational success. The tool used by the management to identify the quality or work input of every employee affects performance (Showkat 2013, p. 69). The need to create effective performance appraisal stems from the need to manage the affairs of the bank effectively. In the absence of effective tool for evaluating employees’ performance, the bank would not able to realise effective management. Thus, for effective organization management, the bank must adopt performance appraisal system that is capable of giving accurate measurement of employees’ input.
Showkat (2013) defined performance appraisal as organized or formal method used in distinguishing between effective workers and the less effective ones as well as discriminate among the desirable and undesirable character traits of these workers. Measurement of the employees input give the organization a chance to build employees talent or seek another employee that is capable of meeting employer’s goals. In addition, the organization develops informed opinion about the employee by referring to performance appraisal. According to Harvard Business School (2013, p.127), the basic assumption that drives the need to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Performance Appraisal System at Research Proposal - 1.
“Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Performance Appraisal System at Research Proposal - 1”, n.d.
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