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Sweetwater State Universitys Appraisal System - Essay Example

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The aim of the essay “Sweetwater State University’s Appraisal System” is to evaluate the current Sweetwater State University’s appraisal system, which is not as effectual as any appraisal ought to be. The University is having a hard time managing the salary increases…
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Sweetwater State Universitys Appraisal System
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Download file to see previous pages Decisively, the experts’ recommendations will have a definite impact through the proposed appraisal system because the administrators are required to pay more attention when evaluating their staff members. Moreover, through the vice president, the secretarial and clerical performance evaluation will be more productive and entail fairness to all the staff members.
 Nonetheless, the proposed way of conducting the appraisal does not fully exploit the abilities of any appraisal; normally because the salary-increase aspect is still the core factor. Moreover, it will definitely increase a certain level of accuracy but there are limitations as the administrators will just examine a few things off the staff acting as the ‘deal breakers’. Resolutely, the feedback will not be fully valid especially because the university is using the graphics rate forms and the administrators are required to rank the staff by force.
 The graphics rating forms are essential to the Sweetwater State University since it is easy and takes less time to develop, the administrators compare the staff quantitatively, and the forms do not give the administrators a hard time during the evaluation or when developing them. Additionally, the graphics rating forms are also a practice of fairness to the staff, simply because the evaluation follows the same criteria for all of them; moreover, most people agree that it is most valued and permissible but some question its development and validity that need clear guidelines. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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