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Alcohol Use in Micronesia - Essay Example

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The Chuuk culture comprises of Trukese while the Belau culture consists of Palauan populations. The three groups are uniquely characterized alcohol consumption amongst men and women…
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Alcohol Use in Micronesia
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Extract of sample "Alcohol Use in Micronesia"

Download file to see previous pages Today, alcoholism is a major issue that calls for international attention and input to try and manage. This paper evaluates the culture Truk, Marshallese, and Palau, and compares them to identify distinct differences and similarities to generate a hypothesis.
Prior to the Japanese administration, chewing of betel nut was common, until the Japanese introduced alcohol and it is now a part of their traditional and modern day occasions except house parties intended for financial exchanges (Nero 1990). The Palaun’s today are associated with high drinking capacities. This drunkenness is linked to increased wife-beating which is today more common than ever for this culture. Abuse origin is thought to be the administration of the Japanese who introduced corporal punishment as a mode of discipline and for violence against women by their husbands, and increased drunkenness amongst Palauan’s men resulting to high Palauan aggressiveness.
Chuuk culture is located in Moen Island where alcohol abuse is a common practice that originated from United States immigrants, embedded into Trukese cultural system, and perpetrated by their cultural attitudes and values (Mac 1979). Additionally, Trukese marriage stability occurs with age where men become less violent and are only alcoholics unlike youngsters who drink and engage in fights. Trukese are alcohol abusers identified through destructive conduct and aggressiveness and fights. These drunkards are mostly identified as high school dropouts, and unemployed wage workers (Mac 1979: 134).
The Marshallese people are located in Moen islands and originally consumed alcohol in during transition of young males to manhood. However, bottled alcohol or liquor was introduced to them by Americans resulting to changes in youth ethos to take charge of their own affairs and not blindly following the community elders (Carucci 1949: 147). Alcoholism amongst Marshallese unmarried ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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