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How to Combat Corruption as a Public Administrator - Research Paper Example

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Some of the major impacts of corruption include lack of sustainable development, threatening proper governance, negative impact on the democratic process, and slow…
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How to Combat Corruption as a Public Administrator
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Download file to see previous pages Public administrators can avoid corruption by maintaining ethical behavior as well as providing avenues such as hotlines to the members of the public and staff. In conclusion, the paper indicates that the society in countries such as Haiti and Uganda have negatively been affected by corruption that existed in the past. The US stiff regulations and empowered FBI has made the government to effectively deal with corruption.
Corruption entails fraudulent conduct by the individuals who are not only in power but also by the subjects. Basically, it involves providing asking for a bribe and providing it in order for an individual to get a favor. Being a vice that has negative impact on economic, political and social development of a country, corruption is used by the government officials for illegitimate private benefits such as acquiring properties and government funds. Other forms of corruption include embezzlement, extortion, abuse of power, nepotism, favoritism and fraud. One of the major importances of combating corruption in the public service is that it ensures that the negativities that it brings about are abolished. Regardless of the economic position of a country, corruption is known to undermine sustainable development, threaten proper governance, negative impact on the democratic process, and impending economic growth. Within the public sector, corruption has implications that include undermining people’s confidence, impeding the effectiveness of public service, increasing the cost of public transactions, and reducing tax revenues. Thus, as a public administrator one should be in a position to put adequate measures to address corruption that has emerged as one of the challenges facing the public service globally. From a public administration perspective, corruption has affected management culture in society and ethics in work ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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