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O*Net Case Study - Career Profile - Essay Example

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There are several responsibilities attached with the jobs. The person fit for the job needs to plan, direct and coordinate operations in…
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O*Net Case Study - Career Profile
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"O*Net Case Study - Career Profile"

Download file to see previous pages The second Job description is about a finance manager which might also be called Branch Manager or Banking Centre Manager and basically needs to be related with financial organisations. The person applying for the job needs to direct and coordinate the financial activities in the branch for which he or she will be posted.
Yes, as per my experience, I am fit for both the roles because; I have had the experience of managing, coordinating and leading the people working under me. Apart from that since J P Morgan is a leading financial organisation, I have the experience and the knowledge in the financial sector because I have been responsible for directing several financial reports related to the retail underwriting centres. Apart from that, I was also responsible of reviewing the upped-credit files related to the loans, so I have the complete knowledge of understanding the credits and taking necessary actions. Since, I was the Head of the department, I also have all the information required to run an organisation or a department because I have the capability of handling all the departments, namely, operations, sales and finance department.
Both the jobs listed in the attachment are offering respectable positions and is giving me to exploit my knowledge and experience in this field. The job of the operations manager gives me the opportunity to showcase my potential as the operation head or also a General Manager so it is definitely a promotion in my case. In the case of the financial manager, the post offered by them is either a branch manager of the vice president of a leading financial corporation which will be highly recommendable considering my profile. Finally the average salaries offered by them are high considering my present offering. The salary offered by the operations job is around $96,000 per annum which highly commendable considering the position offered. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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