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Please write a 3 page on a chosen law from the uploaded information and book - Research Paper Example

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After the enactment of this law, organizations were asked to attest the immigration status of their foreign employees. The law made it illegal to hire or recruit any unauthorized or illegal immigrants. The short form of…
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Please write a 3 page paper on a chosen law from the uploaded information and book
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"Please write a 3 page on a chosen law from the uploaded information and book"

Download file to see previous pages This law brought about significant reforms in the US immigration process. In the next two days the bill was agreed in House and Senate respectively and gave the green signal for President signing. In 1985, the bill was referred to Judiciary committee twice and the subcommittee on immigration and refugee policy heard the bill. It was reported by the joint committee of conference on 14th October 1986.
245a.1 provision talks about the definition of the law. 245a.2 talks about the application of temporary residences. 245a.3 talks about the adjustment from the temporary resident to the permanent resident of the country (Dias, 2011). In 245a.4 adjustments to the lawful status of some foreign nationals and their voluntary departure have been discussed. 245a.5 has the provision of disqualification for the benefits of certain freshly legalized residents. According to the provision of 245a.6, the law can deny the treatment of permanent resident. All these provisions have ensured that employers must attest the immigration status of their foreign employees. According to the provisions of the law recruiting illegal immigrants intentionally is a criminal offence and the offence will be dealt with according to the provision of the law. Provisions of the law have legalized some illegal agricultural immigrants. The provisions also have legalized the illegal foreign nationals who came into the US before 1st January 1982 and stayed in the country consistently by paying penalty and taxes and admitted all the previous offences. The provisions of the law gave focused towards US history and English knowledge.
Congressional intent of the law was to control the immigration in USA. The US Congress had clear intent to legalize a huge number of illegal immigrants who had illegally come into the country. America has a long history of high dependency on foreign labors. This dependency had caused lots of immigration disputes. To take care ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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